10. junio 2019 - 9:00
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Fine Art Painting Course: The Power of Shape in Plein Air Painting | L'Hostal Hotel D'Interior | lunes, 10. junio 2019

The Power Of Shape In 'En Plein Air' Painting
with Jeff Markowsky
Learn to paint exciting impressionist landscapes with world accliamed artist Jeff Markowsky in Majorca, Spain -the island of art and a hub for creativity in the Meditarrian Sea, Europe.
This five day workshop is designed to help enthusiasts, art students and dedicated painters to develop skills in color, form and media to create exciting landscape painting en plein air (in the open air) in the tradition of the impressonist painters.
Learn the importance of the initial design of the dominant shapes in a painting before paint is even applied to the canvas. Develop spatial arrangement skills as you learn to construct nuanced form with an understanding the dynamics of large to middle to small ranged shapes. The importance of drawing is discussed, practiced and emphasized.Students will produce successful small plein air sketches in oil derived from Notan studies.
Based in Pollenca, Majorca this beautiful old town is a hub for art and design nestled in the foot hills of the mountains of Majorca. As an attendee you will be staying in a beautufil hotel and each day we will visit a different location to paint the most exciting landscapes featuring seascapes, townscapes and landscapes as we paint under azure skies in the most beautiful of the Baleric Islands.
Some experience with painting in oils is required.
Goals and Outcomes of the workshop include:
Students will learn to draw Notans and transcribe that concept into small oil paintings done plein air. Students will learn about the fundamentals of Value, Hue, Saturation and TemperatureStudents will learn the basics of building form with valueStudents will learn the basics of creating the illusion of depth through foreground middle ground and background
Day 1:
Slide discussion on Shape / Design / Notans and general IntroductionDemonstration on Notans students find subject matter and begin NotansDemo on 6 by 8 plein air oil sketch transcribing Notanstudents begin small oil sketch
Day 2:
Demo on Value / Hue / Saturation and Temperature - small sketch is enlarged to 8 by 10 ( or 10 by 12 ) scaleStudents begin larger scale oil painting or if no solid design is established, continue with new Notan and/or small 6 by 8 oil sketch
Day 3:
Demo on 2nd day large painting continued ( tweaking the light ), re-establishing your initial intentStudents continue to work on larger drawing OR continue with Notans and small 6 by 8 sketches.Students begin larger sustained paintings
Day 4:
Students continue with larger sustained paintingsIndividual feedback and one on one teaching
Day 5:Students continue with larger sustained paintingsIndividual feedback and one on one teachingFinal afternoon group critiques and summation of workshop