02. junio 2020 - 1:00
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TN Physical Educator Self-Driven PD: Summer 2020 | martes, 02. junio 2020

A self-directed, virtual experience of people, partnerships, and resources for physical education and health education.

About this Event

Resources from national and international professionals will be hosted on the Department’s Learning Management System for teachers to self-select topics of their choice that would best support their professional development needs.

These webinars may be available publicly, but will be hosted on the LMS through the summer as high-quality, vetted resources with an opportunity to earn a date-stamped certificate of completion at the end of each webinar. Although the self-directed hub link will be open June 2-August 7, teachers should know the limitations and guidelines of their individual district for earning professional development credit.

Module sources may include but are not limited to:

  • ConnectedPE
  • Pure Edge Inc.
  • iPhys-Ed

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • TGfU at Home
  • Delivering an Online Movement Composition Unit
  • Favorite Resources for Virtual Phys Ed at Home
  • Fostering Engagement & Wellbeing while Teaching Remotely
  • Delivering Home Based PE& Physical Activity with Mobile Devices
  • Strategies and Techniques to Add Literacy into your Physical Education Program
  • Project-Based Learning in OE
  • Engaging the School Community through Health and Fitness
  • PE Matters: Empowering Students Bell to Bell
  • Practical Approaches to Cultural Fluency in PE
  • Educator Self-Care: Mindful Movement
  • Family Brain Breaks Series: Physical Time
  • Adapting Brain Breaks for Learners with Special Needs

*At least six hours of PD will be available through this hub when live.

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