27. noviembre 2018 - 10:30 hasta 11:30
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Kick The Sugar Habit Workshop | World Gym | martes, 27. noviembre 2018

Do you want to learn how to kick the sugar habit?
Have you ever wondered why you keep going back to sugary foods to satisfy cravings? Have you tried losing weight, only to gain it back quicker than it took you to lose it? Do you need accountability and support to kick your sugar habit? Then this is the place for you! This workshop is designed to show you how to get unstuck and lead your healthiest, best life without being a slave to sugar!
As a bonus, we will have free samples of fat bombs and keto cookies by Wholesome Package!
If you're ready to finally step into the best version of you without the sugar monkey on your back, this could be the beginning of your best life!