20. septiembre 2020 - 16:45 hasta 18:45
20 Rue des Peupliers, L-2328 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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Ashtanga Yoga Basis Workshop with Tania | domingo, 20. septiembre 2020

Ashtanga Basis Workshop in 3 parts (3 x 2 hrs.)

Join us September 20th, 27th and October 4th for a three part Ashtanga Basis Workshop with Tania.


All three parts need to be participated in order to have access to the workshop itself

three parts workshops investment: 120€ ( total 6 hours)

September 20th at 4.45pm- 6.45pm

1. Introduction to the key-elements of Ashtanga Yoga

- Ujjayi breathing (Bandha’s)

- Drishti

- Asana // Vinyasa counting-system

In the first part there will be a short theoretical introduction and

students will be practicing Ujjayi breathing and Suryanamaskara A plus 3

closing postures (Yoga Mudra, Padmasana and Utpluthii) and Savasana

September 27th 4.45pm - 6.45pm

2. Recap of part 1 and then students will be practicing Ujjayi breathing

and Suryanamaskara A which they can then also try Mysore-style. Practicing

of Suryanamaskara B plus 3 closing postures (Yoga Mudra, Padmasana and

Utpluthii) and Savasana

October 4th at 4.45pm to 6.45pm

3. Recap of parts 1 and 2.

Tania is an experienced Ashtanga teacher who recently moved from the Netherlands and joined our team at Grace Luxembourg.

She wants to share her 10+ years of knowledge by introducing the practice of Ashtanga Yoga to our students by way of a 3-part introduction course after which one of the regular Ashtanga-classes on our schedule can be joined to further develop your practice.

The practice of Ashtanga Yoga requires from its students a high level of commitment and dedication. If you start practicing this form of yoga, it is important to know what the basic principles of this dynamic yoga are. During the introduction course the students will be familiarized with these principles: ujjayi-breathing, bandha’s and drishti. These principles will be the framework for you Ashtanga practice.

The course will be split into a theoretical part (1%) and a practical part (99%) divided over 3 times 2 hours. During this time you will acquire the basic knowledge that will help you to develop a solid Ashtanga practice and enjoy all its healing-benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Tania is also teaching Yin Yoga at 7pm one these Sundays- feel free to join this class with a drop in or your contract to end the day with a deep relaxation and stretch.

Register via Mindbody via computer

Kindly bring your own ma to the studio or buy one at the studio and and we ask everyone to arrive on time ♥

Many thanks and see you on the mat

all levels

Tap into your true potential. The Ashtanga Primary Series is a purifying, detoxifying practice that will build heat and strengthen your mind-body connection. These classes will prepare you to practice the challenging half-primary and full-primary series through full-length classes. Developing an Ashtanga practice takes dedication and commitment, and this series will give you the tools to get there. Prepare to transform body, breath, and movement through this rigorous yet rewarding sequence.

In this 3 part workshop, you will: - Learn the Ashtanga basis and more- Build strength, flexibility, and balance - Cultivate breath and body awareness

Whilst the name Ashtanga Yoga originated in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, it was two Indian yoga teachers from the 21st century named Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois who began to develop the Ashtanga Yoga that we know and love today. They lived in Mysore, a city in Southern India in the state of Karnataka.