09. mayo 2018 - 9:30
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Supporting Practice – Year 3 ongoing | The Barn | miércoles, 09. mayo 2018

Supporting Practice 
An On-Going Group for Advanced Practitioners
Each day will run from 5.30am – 5.30pm
The group offers:

A supported community of professional practice and development
A place to develop ideas, share questions, seek feedback and deepen learning
Supervision and CPD from senior CSC faculty and other trainers in the wider field of the work
Clinic Days with international guests such as Daan van Kampenhout, Guni Baxa, Sarah Peyton and others
Interactive sessions focused around the needs of the group
Develop new practitioner skills
Stay in touch with new teaching in the field of Systemic Constellation Work

This group is open to all those who have completed at least 30 days of constellation training with CSC or a similar school. Participants are required to sign up for 6-session blocks, and can renew their subscriptions as many times as they wish.  The group can be joined at any session; your subsequent sessions will run from this date.
A block of 6 consecutive sessions costs £870.  This is payable in advance.As CSC is a Not for Profit organization, there is no VAT to pay.
Please note: This group can be joined at any session, although a consecutive 6-session block must be paid for in advance, to enable CSC to commit to trainers and venues.
Cancellation Policy
1. This deposit payment is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a later start date2. The balance payment is due not later than 1 month before the start of the first session.3. Late payments will incur a £25 admin charge.4. As CSC is a Not-For-Profit organisation no VAT is charged.