04. julio 2020 - 7:00
Wanda Beach Cronulla, Kirrawee
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CRONULLA Making Meditation Mainstream Sunrise Beach Meditation Session | sábado, 04. julio 2020

FREE Beach Sunrise Meditation Sessions

The Team at Making Meditation Mainstream welcome you every Saturday at 6.30am for a FREE 20 minute beach meditation session... just follow the music, look for the kite banners or our team in their MMM T-shirts.

MMM Meditation is for everyone and especially first timers!

The MMM session is all about CONNECTION and COMMUNITY.

Connection to SELF, Connection to NATURE and Connection to EACH OTHER.

Our friendly MMM leaders will provide you with some simple instructions to get you started, or if you are an experienced meditator, feel free to come and practice your own style.

This is Meditation, but not as you know it. We look forward to seeing you each and every week.

Bring your friends!