19. julio 2020 - 22:00 hasta 23:59
Walking Ibiza, Ibiza
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Summer Night Sky Walks - New Moon Star Gazing (Salinas) - 22.00h | domingo, 19. julio 2020

Together with Toby and Etienne (our ‘star lady’) we walk for 20 minutes through the pine woods on a sandy and even path, till we reach an open space. Here we settle down to listen to some general, enlightning information about the milky way, galaxies, stars and planets. Then we start our “skywalk” naming constellations, zodiac signs and the summer triangle. Plus we have a beautiful pair of planets to marvel at: Jupiter and Saturn together side by side, which is called a “conjunction” and happens only every 20 years. Saturn is shining at its greatest brilliance.

Please bring a torch (for the way back) and something to lie on, so you get a good view of the stars.

We will be serving some chilled cava to enjoy as part of the experience. Please bring your own glass/cup.


Sunday 19th July – 22.00h


Salinas beach at the end on the far right hand side as you look out to sea.




Approx. 5 kms and 2 hours.

Please reserve and pay for your walk online: https://walkingibiza.checkfront.com/reserve/?item_id=357, this walk is €15.

Contact details of your guide for today: Toby +34 608 69 29 01.



-A small backpack so your hands are free

-At least 1.5 litres of water

-Some snacks to keep you going

-Good foot wear that has been worn in trainers are generally ok as long as they have good grip

-Sunblock if required

-Sun hat if required

-Swimming gear in season

-Torch for night time walks

-Light shower coat, just in case

We have walking poles available to assist you if required.


The walks are by donation of €10 per person, the BIG WALKS are by donation of €15 per person. If you are on a tight budget please contact us…


If you have a lovely well trained dog which is also socialized please bring them along. They will need to be on a lead on the roads & some of the beaches.


We have liability insurance, but do not have medical insurance – this is your responsibility.


All our guides are trained and have the ability to lead groups, they all carry a first aid kit and use walkie talkies to keep in contact with a back marker to make sure the group stays together and are safe. We also have strict departure and return procedure to ensure everyone is accounted for.

The trip and your safety is your responsibility and you must ensure you are covered for this prior to coming on the walk.


Don’t hesitate contacting us if you have further questions.

Toby +34 608 69 29 01



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