09. marzo 2019 - 8:30
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Wood Fired Pizza Class | Seville Tapas | sábado, 09. marzo 2019

This is an introductory class that covers the ingredients, preparation and baking true Neapolitan style pizza in a wood fired oven. No previous experience is required. The oven we'll be using is a Valiorani wood fired oven (forno a legna). The style of pizza you'll be making is the classic Neapolitan pizza, 14" in diameter. By the end of day 1 you'll have experience mixing dough, portioning and shaping. You'll also be introduced to the skills needed to place, spin and remove pizza from the oven. On day 2 you'll be working with the dough you mixed the previous day. We'll focus on improving your shaping skills and handling the pizza peel. We'll spend time understanding the oven, managing the fire, topping the pizza and baking it to perfection.  Coffee and muffins in the morning are included in the price. Lunch on day 1 is optional and is not included in the cost. Lunch on day 2 will be your pizza, beverages not included in the cost.