25. mayo 2019 - 15:30 hasta 16:30
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Embody Class // FAIRBANKS | Blossom House | sábado, 25. mayo 2019

Join me for Embody Class in Fairbanks!
Embody is a dance and movement class for womxn that combines structure and guidance with openness and freedom. We follow what feels good instead of what looks good - through a sensual, guided warm up and free-form unchoreographed dance that helps you connect to different parts of yourself. 
The class is open to all womxn - regardless of age, fitness level, or background - all are welcome if you're open to moving in your body as we explore feeling empowered, vibrant, and sweaty through an hour of moving through connecting with our bodies and emotions through movement.
To enjoy an Embody Class -  
You don't have to be a "good" dancer. You don't have to follow choreography. You don't have to look a certain way.You don't have to be a certain age - (well, over 18).You don't have to feel comfortable in your body. You don't have to really know how it's going to work.*You DO have to be open to a new experience. You do have to be willing to move to music. You do have to have an open mind. You do have to have a body.You do have to identify as a womxn. You do have to want to connect with your body more. 
If you want to learn more about EMBODY - check out: http://embodydanceclass.com/theclass/
This class will be at Blossom House - and there are 6 spaces available. (If we're sold out when you go to register, message me at sol@solandheart.com and I'll put you on a waiting list.)