05. mayo 2025 - 20:30 hasta 23:30
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#Spanishrevolution in Puerta del Sol (Madrid), my description on May 29th | lunes, 05. mayo 2025

Third chapter of my personal description on the 15-M movement, here in Madrid. First point, it is no more taking place only in Sol, it has been spread all over the area of Madrid.

As i told you, there were assemblies in every district of Madrid and in many surrounding cities last Sturday. It was another success: more than 140 assemblies where more than 25,000 people gathered on Saturday the 28th, regarding the official web page of the movement. What happened in my neighborhood, seems to have happened everywhere: it was hard to make it, because it was the first time in an assembly for many people, but still we have great hopes for this movement, and we are looking forward the next assembly. We have to learn how to deal with it, but the important thing is that we have a date for the next one and plenty of good feelings.

Tonight took place a general assembly in Sol for making a decision about if the camp should stay any longer. The decision has been made, and the camp will stay with no date for the end... The same decision in Barcelona. I've got to say, the feeling i and many of people i know, the best would be for it to end, like: we go pollitely home, but we know the way back. Instead, the answer of those still from the beggining in Sol is: what the ****, come back as we were for making it at least as strong as it was. Brave decision. They feel plenty of work there, great people!

The funniest thing for me tonight, is that the top-five newspaper have these decisions as the main news in their online version. Three days ago they even didn't have any news on it for some hours, but now they can't avoid to give this moment the importance it has. They even inform precisely of the things going on there (it wasn't so).

I've got to say it again: it is stronger every single day, and a week feels like long long time for this organization to become more important. Imagine this week is gonna be two weeks old. Let's dream, all of us together, it remains for months...