08. marzo 2020 - 17:00
Valencian Community, Spain,
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International Conference on Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials | domingo, 08. marzo 2020

Magnus Group is honored to invite you to attend Minerals, Metallurgy and Material Science Conference in Valencia, Spain during March 23-25, 2020.
Materials 2020 is an international Conference which aims to conduct high impact research meetings on Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials. We view integrated, interdisciplinary research as being essential for the (M3) Conference of the subject area of: Nano materials and Materials Science.

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Scientific Sessions:
Failure Analysis and Prevention Techniques
Coating and Surface Engineering
Carbon Nanostructures, Graphene and 2D Materials Structural Materials and Metallurgy
Emerging Smart Materials
Applications of Metallurgy, Minerals and Materials Science in other fields
For more: https://magnusconferences.com/materials-science/program/scientific-sessions