19. septiembre 2018 - 16:30 hasta 19:00
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Ecomuseo: shipsyard and museum | | miércoles, 19. septiembre 2018

Space where are exposed all the elements of the carpentry of bank that take part in the construction and recovery of the traditional boats; In which boats were built as witness the "gauge" that is on one of its walls. In this way, the construction of these boats is disseminated in a didactic way among schools and people who walk through the call for more INRI within the current urban planning "promenade", so that at the same time you see the traditional tools And other elements of the activity exposed, you can see the trade live in another one of the ships, through the work of the master that realizes the boat, and even participate as an apprentice in these crafts, continuing the visit of the ecomuseum Astilleros Nereo.