22. mayo 2021 - 20:00
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The Last Match of Lionel Messi at Camp Nou | Camp Nou (FC Barcelona) | sábado, 22. mayo 2021

Messi 的合約將在 2021 年 6 月到期,而西甲聯賽在 Camp Nou 的最後一場大概會落在 5 月,所以再來挑戰看看去巴薩隆納看 Messi 最後穿著巴薩紅藍球衣的身影。

Messi's contract will expire in June 2021, while his last match at Camp Nou in May probably, so do challenge again to watch Messi wears Barça shirts in last moment

距離 2021 還有四年,這期間夠大家存錢了,有計畫衝嗎?

There are four years away from 2021, during this period we can save much money for traveling. Is anyone has plan to go ?

去存錢吧!如果到時候有事情沒辦法去的話,那你戶頭也存了一筆錢耶~ 是不是很值得!

go deposit your money ! If there is no way to go when that time, then you also deposit a lot of money in your account. It is worth, right ?