05. diciembre 2018 - 21:30
Craft beer, Barcelona
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The Biggest Stand-up Comedy Show in Barcelona (in English) FREE! | miércoles, 05. diciembre 2018

Every Wednesday night, The Pumpage Network kicks off Barcelona’s biggest stand-up show at The Craft, right in the heart of the city. Grab a craft beer, some of the delicious tapas on display and take a seat in the downstairs stage area for a night of non-stop laughs.The majority of our comedians come from the USA, the home of stand-up comedy, but we have English speaking comics from all over the world to play our shows! A lot of them have played the biggest festivals in the world like The Fringe Edinburgh, worked their sets in the famous comedy clubs of LA or toured internationally, bringing their hilarious jokes to thousands all over the world.In addition to the comedians from our local scene here in Barcelona, we often get surprise visits from professional comedians looking for new audiences to work their new material with. You never know when this could happen, so be sure to always come down - who knows, it could be your lucky night! The Craft Barcelona is only a 5 minute walk away from the Jaume I metro station.Are you looking for other fantastic events in Barcelona? Visit our site at  https://pumpagenetwork.com for more excellent entertainment.Would you like to take professional photographs or videos for the show? Please get in contact with us through our site at  https://pumpagenetwork.com.We’ll likely say yes, we just like to know in advance.Would you like to perform at the show? It isn’t an open mic, but depending on experience, we do sometimes let visitors take the stage depending on how busy the night is. Be sure to contact us at  https://pumpagenetwork.com if you’d like to show us what you’re made of.