07. diciembre 2018 - 21:30
Craft beer, Barcelona
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Barcelona Music Showcase - the best talent in Barcelona! | viernes, 07. diciembre 2018

Every Friday, Pumpage Network brings you the best music from Craft's open-mic nights, a show of the most talented artists we have worked with. Have one of the bar's excellent craft beers, delicious tapas, and sit in our downstairs area for a great night of non-stop music.This is the semifinal of open-mic nights competition; the top people's choice from the Tuesday and Thursday shows and whoever wins will get to perform in Saturday's show: The Best of Barcelona!In addition to music, Craft has a great environment to be at. We have a great variety of craft beers and excellent tapas.Looking for more exciting events in Barcelona? Visit our website https://pumpagenetwork.com to find more quality entertainment.